I have worked on countless projects ranging from wetland delineation and permitting on small private lake parcels to project management, wetland delineation, permitting and regulatory liaison on 3,000 acre residential land developments.  I have provided wetland mapping and permitting services for hundreds of miles of utility corridors as well as managed and designed two operating wetland mitigation banks and 1 pending mitigation bank in Wisconsin.

Common projects that require wetland delineation and natural resources services include:

  • Residential Developments
  • City, Town, County, State and Federal Road Projects
  • Utility Projects
  • Non-Metallic and Metallic Mines
  • Airports
  • Commerical Developments
  • Private Parcels (i.e. Building, Driveway and Grading Locations may require permits and/or delineation)
  • Industrial Sites
  • Unauthorized Activities In Wetlands and/or Streams

Here are a few project examples (all Clients and Specific Project Locations are confidential):

  • Wetland delineation and preparation of wetland, culvert and grading permits on a 3,000 acre residential land development
  • Wetland mapping and preparation of Section 10, Section 404, NR103, NR216 and Chapter 3o permits for hundreds of miles of utility line in northern Wisconsin
  • Wetland delineation, permitting, and mitigation site design and monitoring for a cranberry farm expansion in north-central Wisconsin.
  • Design and management of wetland mitigation banks throughout Wisconsin, including wetland delineation, regulatory liasison with USACOE, WDNR, USFWS and EPA, coordination of engineers, soil scientists, wildlife biologists, etc.
  • Stream bank restoration on an eroded stream bank in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan
  • Compliance inspection of numerous USACE permitted sites throughout Wisconsin
  • Preparation of wetland restoration plan for unauthorized activities in a pristine bog wetland in northern Wisconsin
  • Wetland delineation and permitting for a bicycle trail in northeastern Wisconsin
  • Preparation of an Environmental Assessment for a federal government facility in southern Wisconsin

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