Baby Pileated Woodpeckers in Nest






Blue Heron Hanging Around

Pileated Woodpecker

Albino Doe

Robin In Fall Harvest

Robin in fall harvest.

Mom Bear and Cubs

Momma bear watching as I approach.  Her three cubs watch from above in an aspen tree.

Curious cubs watch from above.

Now I’m in trouble!  She is coming towards me telling me it’s time to leave.

Curious cub #1 trying to get down the tree.

Cub #3 watching from above.  “I’m just going to take a rest on this little branch.”

We’re leaving now.  Momma and all 3 cubs left but not before she stood on her hind legs and gave me a goodbye grunt!

Wait For Me

A different baby bear on another day trying to catch up to his mom and two other cubs.

Whitetail Doe Eating Lily Pads

Whitetail doe breaking the heat.


Blue Heron

Merganser Family

Is that “Happy Feet” on her back?