Big Baby Goose

Baby goose.

Loon On Nest




Female loon on her nest.

Male loon to the rescue.

Reunited at last.



School of Fish

Muskrat With Clam

This muskrat was on a mission to get this clam to his den when Tor dove in and rerouted him back across the lake.

Last Swim

One last swim before the Namekagon River freezes over.




Ruffed Grouse

A late season Ruffed Grouse.

Signs of Fall

Maidenhair Fern Over Maple Leaves

Muskrat On Northern Wisconsin Lake

Autumn on Lake Superior Beach

Whitetail Deer in a Field

Madeline Island Buck

I saw this young buck on Madeline Island trying to get a drink from Lake Superior.

A true sign of fall….


Cool Tracks

Bear Tracks

Yes, Moose tracks.  These tracks measured 6 inhes from front to back.  This was of course in Upper Michigan.

Wolf tracks.

Butterfly and Bumblebee

This butterfly and bumblebee don’t mind sharing on this Swamp Milkweed.